Attack on Titan 2 Shows Titan Slaughtering Aplenty in New Gameplay Video

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Now we filmed almost ten minutes of gameplay in the demonstration available at the show, revealing some features. There is also a great deal of titan-slaughtering on this menu, however I m certain that was expected by you.

Should you’re wondering, how it’ss not only me playing. To be able to show you the complete demo (which was timed), and also far better gameplay characteristic, we asked a booth attendant to assist, and he graciously consented to show off his skills.

The demonstration showcases the improved visuals of this game on PS4. At the moment, that’s the variation of this game that we’ve observed in actions, even when we do know that it’s coming to PC, Switch and Xbox One.

For now, the release window is set for March worldwide, and there’s not any release date that was exact.

You may check out the movie below. If you want to see more, you may enjoy the very first gameplay, and there is a whole lot of it, for example, brand-new character development.


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