Nintendo Announces Legend of Zelda Black Friday Deals


And so it starts. Shopping  season is upon us, and this means that ads and sales are going to start popping up all over the place and thankfully many of them dismiss some fantastic game. Nintendo declared today the deals which gamers can anticipate this month, a move which may push our pockets and our holiday wishlists.

To start, the “Link green” Nintendo 2DS is on sale for $79.99,   but the price here is that the console comes equipped with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. The 2DS is a winner of traveling; it’s a console which is more durable than its own flip-screened cousins.

Not just net you a generation-defining game but also comprises a 100-page explorer’s guide and a two-sided map of Hyrule.

While these might not be as exciting as the infamous Nintendo Legend of Zelda 3DS bargain for about $ 100 that happened this past year in Walmarts around the country — a move that has been so outrageous   that it found its way into an incident of Rick and Morty — they’re still fantastic deals for fans of The Legend of Zelda franchise and incredible deals should you’re as obsessed with collecting the game’s numerous exclusive consoles and replicas.


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