Feline RPG Cat Quest Receives a November Nintendo Switch Release Date


The Gentlebros and PQube Games lately declared that their cat RPG Cat Quest would soon be coming to PlayStation 4, however because then there hasn’t really been any news about additional platforms at which it is forecast to release. The team revealed that the Nintendo Switch launch will be launch simultaneously with the PS4 version.

Even though the PlayStation 4 version remains starting for North American players around November 14, North American Nintendo Switch owners can depend on the November 10 release date.

Are you still wondering exactly what there is to this whole   Cat Quest item? Luckily for you, PQube introduced a new trailer for its game, detailing five of the game’s crucial pursuits. The trailer can be found by you in the video.

Cat Quest is currently available for downloading on PC, Mac, along with cellular devices (both Android and iOS).

To find out more on the game, you always have the option to see its official site or your Steam page. However, if you want to know a bit about the game’therefore inspiration, you may always watch The Gentlebros programmer diaries that detail why they created a game about cats and how gameplay and artwork style were designed.


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