Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review — Try Your Best to Follow Along


The series commits into a story with a cast of characters that are featured in and fandiscs.

Some might be stressed that it’s late from the series’ lifestyle to jump ahead and pick up the bits. Fortunately, this isn’t so much instance with Summon Night 6: Lost Borders, the most recent entry in the series and the very first to be developed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, however it does hold it back in some areas. But with no reference substance, a great deal of the game’s minutes require a localization from writer GaijinWorks, that I believe managed it professionally.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders begins by introducing Raj as the major protagonist who is the sole human residing on the world of Fullijah. Together with his partner, Patch, Raj is actually satisfied with his own life and was living since before he could remember, from items that drop from the sky. One day his whole world changes when Magna, a personality from Summon Night 2 and resident of the world Lyndbaum, inexplicably falls out of sky and becomes the first person that Raj has ever struck.

The major protagonist spotlight is shared by Raj with two characters, Amu and Ist. Each have circumstances that are comparable and also think that they are on the planet. Fullijah is connected through multiple timelines and futures. It might seem like a strange premise, but I picked up on it easily with assistance of this game’s text-heavy story sections.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders may be regarded as an SRPG, however also the game’s primary focus is personality growth through narrative events. Between battles, players will have access to sub-events and events that have scenes of characters learning more about Raj, Amu, along with Ist as well as expressing their personal missionsplanet.

Every character that drops from the  sky is from a previous entry of this Summon Night series. The game doesn’t need the player to understand much about the figures, but it helps to spend some time. Summon Night 6 makes this somewhat easier with a Gallery place that hosts a library of information about every character and which game they are from. It also will help give an understanding of where they are set in Lyndbaum’s deadline. Nevertheless, these library entrances are only located during battles in chests and will require characters to go out of the way.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

The concept of timelines can be particularly tricky to pull off and I believe that this is the point where there is a localization essential. Reading through Summon Night 6, GaijinWorks demonstrated that they can produce a great localized story that doesn’t stray too far from the origin, as seen in Summon Night 5 (that I loved, but believed it had any cringy moments).

As a protagonist, Raj is clueless and hopeful, that are characteristics that I find annoying. Happily, he travels through lots of personality growth since he gains experience that is greater social and characters out more about his or her world. On the other hand, as she finds the advantages of getting friends Amu is disconnected and wants to be alone.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

This is due to the characters drifting on and on about a subject theydiscussed, or perhaps going off topic and losing my interest.

This’s not to say that I didn’t like enjoy the figures, but I also had to spend some time as they appeared at the game. I know that a few players might not do this and they’ll have their own expertise, however Summon Night 6 feels just like a reunion of personalities whom I knew nothing about, even though I ended up finding them to be rather interesting.

This occurs during conflicts when confronting a group of enemies and personality reinforcements arrive. The party looks relieved and excited with their appearance, but Im forced to visit Google to see who they’re in the series and also why they are important. It made me wish that I understood more , although again, this isn ’ t at the fault of the localization team.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Set onto a map, players can choose that character to set up with the others. The game encourages the party by using many team-based strikes that require at least two party members to stick together during the battle.

Abilities such as Summon Arts may be bolstered with assistance from spare MP and local party members in battle, although powerful strikes like Summon Burst only need the aid of two party members. The tide of a battle that is failing cans turn and are essential for end level strikes.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Furthermore, players are able to interact by placing stepping stones next to unreachable areas as well as using map gimmicks such as quicksand to their advantages. Some maps are somewhat narrow in parts which slows down the stream of battle, when each personality has a counter capability along with a ranged attack skills, but I could ’ t actually complain.

The only issue I could find with the battle system is the problem settings at which the Normal setting is not so challenging in any way, but the setting demands an understanding of your celebration advantages and preparation. The problem could be switched at any time and that I would level up on Regular and then switch it to Hard to test my strategy abilities.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Post battles is where players can disperse expertise . Expertise is shared involving the whole party so it ’ s better to only level up characters since there are tons of characters which you utilize a great deal.

Programs include ability advancement and weapon strengthening, the latter allows players and characters to incorporate new skills together with points. It’s possible to create some personalities that are fairly powerful to the point where it functions as no surprise once an enemy strikes you for just 1 level of damage. Which makes me want that the difficulty was balanced.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

A characteristic that has become a staple for its Summon Night series would be the night time scenes between one of the main protagonists and another member of this party. After a event struggle, players are going to be able to pick a personality who they wish to spend time with. It also had an influence on the story, although doing so will improve their affinity with the personality. Other features include fishing and cooking that offer a break and conflicts.

Summon Night 6 features a branching story with more than 20 endings. This isn’t clarified during these night time talks, but its figured out in the future as the degree of affinity with a specific character increases. I felt like it was a wonderful way to complete a chapter after a tough battle and had an interesting time during these scenes.

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders Review -- Try Your Best to Follow Along

Summon Night 6 is a good SRPG using a decent story that would be better had the west received more of their mainline Summon Night titles. Though there’s an in-game encyclopediathat its webpages have been unlocked in chests. With that said, the characters set up the assumption in an understanding way that enabled me find out more about Lyndbaum and Fulljah and to easily comply with the events and explain themselves well enough.

Summon Night 6 proves that a decent localization can assist a series that has hardly any presence in the West. With a few special SRPG mechanics as well as good character development, Summon Night 6 might easily become a fan favorite from the West and hopefully pave the way for future and previous entries in the series to be localized. Now, I’m excited to wrap up this review and continue to devote some one-on-one time with Toris (I see you immediately moving to Google to figure out who she is).


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